Install Youtube-dl

Install youtube-dl in windows

  1. Install ffmpeg

    • Go to here.
    • Click on version number, select architecture then static and click on download build.
    • file will be downloaded, extract it on the desired location and add bin folder to the envoirment variable path for me it is C:\ffmpeg\bin.
  2. YouTube-Dl

    • Go to YouTube-dl
    • Click on Youtube-dl.exe, it will be downloaded
    • Move this youtube-dl.exe to the directory where you install your programs mostly C:\ and add this path to envoirment variables.
    • You are done with installation.

Another method to install youtube-dl

  • In first step we install python, pip and set the envoirment variables and then we can install youtube-dl with pip(preferred installer program).
  • Download Python form here. and install it with pip, and add to envoirment checked.
  • Then run pip install youtube_dl to install the youtube-dl.

Install youtube-dl in linux

  • sudo apt install youtube-dl