Youtube-dl Insllation Guide


What is youtube-dl?

  • YouTube-dl is a library written in python to download videos from YouTube or almost any other video platforms that are known.

Why should i use youtube-dl?

  • It can download videos form all the major video platforms even where you need to sign in.
  • You can download whole Playlist with one command.
  • You can download videos from Platfroms that even don’t allow to download officially.
  • It is cross platform, free and opensource.
  • You can format the video names, dirctory structure and much much more.

Why you should not use youtube-dl?

  • if you don’t want touch the command line.
  • Install

    Install youtube-dl in windows Install ffmpeg Go to here. Click on version number, select architecture then static and click on download build. file will be downloaded, extract it on the desired location and add bin folder to the envoirment variable path for me it is C:\ffmpeg\bin.

  • Update

    Run the following command if you installed using pip sudo -H pip install --upgrade youtube-dl

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