Sotware Development


  • Construction

    The construction activities are those that directly related to the development of software. Requirement Gathering Design Development Coding Testing

  • Framework

    A Software Engineering Framework Quality Focus Processes: The processes define the tasks to beperformed and the order in which they are to be performed. Every task has some deliverables and every deliverable should be delivered at a particular milestone.

  • Life Cycle Models

    Vision – focus on why Definition – focus on what Development – focus on how Maintenance – focus on change A lifecycle model is a series of steps through which the product progresses.

  • Management

    Management activities are kind of umbrella activities that are used to smoothly and successfully perform the construction activities. Project Planning and Management Configuration Management Software Quality Assurance Installation and Training

  • Process

    Software Process A software process is a road map that helps you create a timely, high quality result. It is the way we produce software and it provides stability and control.

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