Basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Defination of SEO

Search engine optimization is a process of making off and on changes to make our website visible in search engine results.

How Search Engine Works

Search engines try to find the best related and authoritative content on the internet.

How relevence works for search engines

Search engines try to find webpages from the archives of webpages that they build over the years and try to show the content that is most relevent to search query.

Search engines decide about the relevence of content according to query base on so many different factors. These factor include how the content is written and implemented in code. How other websites on the internet is linking to our website.

Search engines can understand the semantic and thematic connections between words and concepts

How Authority works for search engines

Because anyone on the internet can post anything so the search engines use this concept to decide either they should show your website in search result or ignore it. Search engines determine authority of domains or webpages by determining what other websites link to our website. This is how many other websites are pointing to my website, what also matters is the reviews and others opinions about us, known as sentiments.

When someone links or give reference to our website it’s like someone trusting our site enought that he is refrencing us and redirecting his trafic to our site. Search engines think it as vote of trust.

Search engines also consider heavily the quality and relevance of link. For example search engines will trust the link if its comming from authority site which is realted to our field, Non-profit organization, goverment. Link should be from relevent websites.

IN the eys of search engines some links are more effective than others.

Understanding the relevance and authority is very important for good seo.

Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

Typical SERPs have 10 organic results or known as 10 blue links. They all have headline, description, visible URL. They also return, video, maps, images, news etc on SERPs. This mixture of all type of contents is known as blended search results. Social Result feature prominanty when we search for company.

  1. Paid Listings
  2. Organic Results

tips: To get our content on top we have to know how search engines optimize their results so we could optimize accordingly.