Introduction to Basics

What skills and IT person should have

  • Windows Server

    • Installation
    • Networking
    • Configuration
    • Administration
  • Linux Server

    • Installation
    • Networking
    • Configuration
    • Administration
  • Networking

    • Subneting
    • Routing
    • Switching
    • IPv4 and IPv6

Should be able to install and configue services

Services like

  • DNS
  • DHCP
  • Active Directory
  • Web Services
  • Database Services

Orchestrating Infrastructure on Premisis

Orchestrating Infrastructure in Cloud

  • Cloud Technologies Like
  • Azure
  • AWS
  • Alibaba Cloud

Orchestrating hyprid Infrastructure


should be able to automate the routine and repitative tasks

  • Powershell core

Order of Learning Technologies and Concepts

Should focus on hybrid,

but to be able to create hybrid you have to master both on premisis and on cloud.

To be able to understand the networking and configuration of networks, router and switches you should take the certification path of CCNA.

How to learn IT

What i expect from IT Person

He should be able to

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Nelson Bighetti
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