pfSense Configurations

Vmware installation

first Vmware workstation pro should be installed.

  • open “Virtual Network Editor” as adiministrator.
  • create three VMnet. one bridged type and two host-only type.
  • for host-only type VMnets disable the DHCP service.

Imporant: for dns to resolve in every machine enter the gateway of lan in my case it is in every machine network adapter ipv4 setting.

  • create new virtual machine and select the option “I will install the operating system later.”
  • select “other” and “Free BSD 12 64bit”
  • attach all three network adapters to the pfSense VM.

after installation when pfsense reboots and you have command line interface to do initial configuration first setep is

  1. select option 2… set interface ip address

  2. again press 2… for configuring the LAN interface

  3. Enter the LAN ipv4 default gateway address which we had assigned to network adapter after creating Vmnet. in my case it is

  4. enter subnet mask …. 24

  5. you are configuring LAN so press enter.

  6. skip ipv6 configuration by press enter.

  7. skip DHCP enabling by press “n” and enter.

  8. press y for hhtp webconfigurator.

  9. open web browser and enter the ip address that you just configured on LAN.

  10. defualt user name is “admin” and password is “pfsense”.

in Vmware setup of pfSense, in pfSense wan ip address will be assigned by DHCP.

DNS address that you should enter in pfsense setup wizard local VMnet default gateway in my case google dns or any public dns… and

we can ping only local network adapters default gateways from our host computer. we can not ping computers that are attached to LAN from host computer.

Adding new rules for enabling traffic to other LAN’S

Action: Pass Interface : LAN12 (in my case) Address Family : ipv4 Protocol : any Source : LAN 12 net Destination : any Description: “Allow LAN12” “Save”