Plex Installation

Plex Installation Using Portainer

  1. first download the image go to portainer/images -> paste the image name : linuxserver/plex -> click on Pull the image

  2. go to portainer/containers -> add container -> Name : plex

  3. Add Volumes

Host/volume Path in container

/srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-d3dbd84d-33d6-4a54-875a-7fa745fb10df/app/plex /config /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-d3dbd84d-33d6-4a54-875a-7fa745fb10df/media/movies /movies /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-d3dbd84d-33d6-4a54-875a-7fa745fb10df/media/music /music /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-d3dbd84d-33d6-4a54-875a-7fa745fb10df/app/plex /transcode /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-d3dbd84d-33d6-4a54-875a-7fa745fb10df/media/tv /tv

  1. Add Environment variables

  2. Restart Policy

all the information is in the usage section of this page 6. open the link

Offical Puppeteer Page

Maintainer of the image are