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  • CRUD Operations in MongoDB

    CRUD Operations-Creating Objects Introduction What are CRUD Operations Basic Create, Read, Update, Delete Operations Create or Insert (db.collection.insertOne()) Read or Find (db.collection.find()) Update (db.collection.updateOne()) Delete (db.collection.deleteOne()) Create Operation Create Operation with Compass open-exclusively open-exclusively Import Data from JSON or csv file.

  • Installation
  • Introduction to MongoDB

    What is NoSQ:? NoSQ: = Not Only SQL NoSQL will also have relations but in different way. CAP Theorem Consistency - data should be same on all the nodes. Availability - Node or system should be available at time.

  • MongoDB Atlas Account Creation

    MongoDB Atlas Sign In Load Sample Data open-exclusively MongoDB Compass Its GUI to connect to clusters and manipulate and monitor it. open-exclusively open-exclusively open-exclusively open-exclusively

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