Virtual Machine Components

Virtual Machine Components

Image Network Storage

Steps before creating VMs

Create a Resource Group

Create a Virtual Network

if we do not create vNet and subnet azure will do for us, in that case we will not be able to pick the ip ranges of our choice and there may be conflicts.

Use a managed Storage

Creating a virtual machine in the azure portal

Define Basics

We will asign the virtual machine subscription and resource group, we give vm a name and region, also selects vm image, size in terms of memory and cpu. some information for administrative access.

Configure Disks

define disk topology

decide about the os disk, also we can atach addition data disks. we can also atach an existing disk if its available.

Configure Networking

define network topology create a vnet or use and existing one also define the subnet on which our virtual machine will be created on inside of that vnet. we can also assign public ip address and inbound port for access the services running into virtual machine or we can assign this machine to network security group if needed advnce features like, accelerated networking and load balancing features.

Creating a virtual machine in the azure portal additional configuration steps


we provide additional options how the vm is managed, options like boot diaognostics automatic vm shutdown ability to configure vm backups


configure adition vm extensions application which provide post deployment configureation and automation like chef, powershell dsc, installation and configuration of performance agents


Tags provide addition key value pair meta data to better organize resources in azure.