Designing a VM Solution for Lab

  1. create a resouce group\

Each resouce group will contail only two or one vm with gui. Each resouce group can have 4 vms which without gui like windows server core.

Recource groups naming conventions


  1. create vnet When creating a vnet check the values at ip adress and security tabs. these are important ip address shoud be like subnet address shoud be like second subnet will be or/and ip address shoud be like subnet address shoud be like enable bastion option in security tab, here create another subnet for bastion and Public Ip too for bastion. create a vnet naming conventions centralIndia-vnet1, eastAsia-vnet1 create vnet peering between two vnets, each in different region. there should be only one vnet in one region.

  2. Create network security group for each region select resouce group and give nsg a name liek centralIndia-nsg

  3. create Network interfaces centralIndia-nic1 private ip range starts form 4 to be on safe side i started from 5 select static ip like or/and

  4. create vm

create vm naming conventions also do no create public ip for any vm, if you can use bastion do not create network security group with each vm, only create one network security group at subnet level.