Puppeteer Course

Create a graphical user interface for your database

  • Provide navigation through various objects

  • Group Tasks to aid the end user

  • Form provide blank canvas for developers to populate it with objects

  • fields from tables for data entery or review

  • Buttons that run macros and Visual Basic Code

  • Line, Pictures, and other graphics to style the form

  • Additional Control objects such as toggle, charts, combo boxes

Using Form for Data Entery

  • Forms Typcially display one record at time
  • Editing data in the form is same as typing directly into the data table

Using forms for managinng the database

  • Forms Don’t have to be data oriented
  • Collect user input to pass to query criteria
  • Organize and Group Buttons into related tasks
  • Well Crafted Database use forms to allow users to bypass the Navigation Pane