• Database object relationship

    To study the relationship of an object with another objects in database. Select the object in navigation pane Go to the database Tools tab In relationships group you will find button for Object Dependencies

  • Protect Database with Password

    First Close the database click open then browse then open the database exclusively open-exclusively Go to the backstage view by clicking on file tab and click on info tab Click on encrypt with password set the password

  • Puppeteer

    First look into the Create Tab and Application Parts option for the list of templates.

  • Puppeteer

    Select the form Go to the Database Tool Tab In Analyze group you will find button for Database Documenter Documentation inside the database is very usefull feature to have.

  • Puppeteer

    Organization of objects in Navigation Pane Compact and Repair Database In Database tab and tools group you will find Compact and Repair DataBase Chrome dev tools pannels

  • Puppeteer

    Create a graphical user interface for your database Provide navigation through various objects Group Tasks to aid the end user Form provide blank canvas for developers to populate it with objects

  • Split a Database into Front-End and Back-End

    To create a Seprate Front-end copy for every user and one backend copy that is shared on network and is used by multiple users Go to the database Tools tab In Move Data group you will find button for Access Database split the database Then link the tables that are stored as backend to front end.

  • Startup options for Database

    Click on file and go to options then go to current database press shift when opening database to bypass all the setting of current database and autoexec macro.

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