Best Youtube Channels

This article will give you the list and links of Youtube Channels all related to learning technology that i think are publishing valuable content. I would love to keep the list of these channels on my site so that i could remember easily their names and share with my community easily.

Programming Channels


  2. Traversy Media

  3. Jason Lengstorf

He is netlify employ, do live streams with industry professionals and he try to learn from that professional, while watching him learning you can learn too.

  1. Durga Software Solutions

  2. Amigos code

  3. IAmTimCorey

  4. The Cherno

  5. Clever Programmer

  6. IBM Developer

  7. Web Dev Simplified

Programmer Vlogs, News and Opnions Only

  1. CS Dojo

  2. Ben Awad

  3. Kalle Hallden

  4. Stefan Mischook

Computer Science Academic Channels

  1. Missing Semester

  2. Neso Academy

  3. The Coding Train

IT Channels

  1. Scott Hanselman

  2. Explaining Computers

  3. My PlayHouse

All the fun IT Stuff that we can do and play with it in out houses.

Machine Learning

  1. Bhavesh Bhatt

Programming Channels in Urdu

  1. Perfect Web Solutions

  2. Geeky Shows

Nelson Bighetti
Nelson Bighetti
Professor of Artificial Intelligence

My research interests include distributed robotics, mobile computing and programmable matter.