Best Softwares For Fresh Linux Install

This article shows you what softwares i would like to install on my fresh linux install and some tips and tricks too.

List of software packages

Media Player

  1. Celluloid Player

Most used keyborad shortcut that i use.

  • v to toggle subtitles
  • * to increase volume and / to decrease volume.
  • ] to increase playback speed [ to decreasae the playback speed.

PDF Reader


  1. Brave Broswer

  2. Firefox Broswer

Broswer Extensions

  1. Universal Bypass
  2. Password Manager
  3. Toby Bookmark Manager

Code Editors(GUI)

  1. Visual Studio Code

Favorite Visual Studio Code Extensions

  1. Bracket Pair Colorizer 2
  2. Docker for Visual Studio Code
  3. Prettier Formatter for Visual Studio Code
  4. Live Server
  5. TOML support for vscode
  6. vscode-icons
  7. YAML Language Support by Red Hat
  8. Visual Studio IntelliCode
  9. ESLint
  10. Markdown All In One
  11. Polacode

Terminal Editiors

  1. VIM

Notes Taking Application

  1. Joplin


  1. PuTTy

Torrent Client

  1. qbittorrent


  1. Anki

Remote Access Tool

  1. AnyDesk

Free Software to Mirror Android Screen on PC

  1. Scrcpy

Free Software to Mirror Android Screen on PC

  1. Scrcpy

LaTeX editor

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Nelson Bighetti
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