Best Android Apps For Me

This article will give you the list and download links of Android applications that i think are best. I would love to install these apps on my fresh android devices.

  1. Orbot

  2. [TI36 Calculator for Android]

  3. [Joplin]

  4. [Snaptube]

  5. [AnkiDroid]

  6. [Oxford Advance Learner Dictionary]

  7. [Brave Browser]

  8. [Pluralsight]

  9. [VLC Media Player]

  10. [AndroNix]

  11. [VNC Viewer]

  12. [Prayer Times]

  13. [Adobe Acrobat]

  14. [Google Analytics]

  15. [Bitwarden]

  16. [Pakistan Railways]

  17. [Keybase]

  18. [Twitter]

  19. [Whatsapp]

  20. [Tor Browser]

  21. [UC Browser]

  22. [Urdu Dictionary]

  23. [uTorrent Pro]

  24. [Careem]

  25. [Uber]

  26. Vanced Manager

This application will install Vanced Youtube and Vanced MicroG. Vanced Youtube don’t show any ads, which huge time saving and relief.

Websites where you may find some usefull applications

1. dl-android

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