How to install hugo

Go to the realease page,

Download the extended version 64bit zip file.

extract in program files and the folder into Path variable.

Installing Hugo in Windows With Scoope Package Manager

Install Scoope

Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Scope CurrentUser iwr -useb | iex

scoop install git openssh go hugo-extended

Installing Hugo

Create the directory if needed

mkdir -p ~/bin

Change directory to /home/bin

cd ~/bin

Download tar ball from here

Release Page

side Note: Always download the extended version.

Extract the tarball

tar -xvzf ~/Downloads/hugo_X.Y_osx-64bit.tgz

Verify that it runs

./hugo version

This will be the output Hugo Static Site Generator v0.13 BuildDate: 2015-02-22T04:02:30-06:00

Check if hugo is in the path

which hugo

This will be output /Users/USERNAME/bin/hugo

Path will be added automatically so check it before adding path to file.

Adding Hugo to the PATH

First try to add in this file and then check. nano ~/.bash_profile If not work try to add the PATH in this file. sudo nano .bashrc export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin