Git Overview

Version control Overview

What is Version Control?

Version control manages a collection of changing and improving files which we can call a project. The complete history of the project is tracked and available at any time.

Benifits of Using Git

Complete history tracked and available.Supports many workflows.Manages Small changes.
Collaboration.Easily test, fix or undo ideas and changes.
Quality throuogh team communication and Reviews

What type of content version controls supports?

Any content that you value and want to continuously improve is a good candidate for version control.

Most Used Cases

  • Source Code
  • Automated Tests
    • Code That is used to run tests.
  • Server configurations.
  • Documentation
  • A Book
  • Web site content

Distributed Version Control System (DVCS)

A DVCS has usually these characteristics:

  • Each user has a local project history (repository)
  • Users can work offline
  • Can easily synchronize repositories by pulling and pushing content.
    Distributed Version Control System Example

Git Overview

  • Git is a distributed version control system.
  • Open source software (OSS)
    • Has a vibrant community and ecosystem
  • Adapts to many types of projects and workflows.
    • Works well for large or small projects.

What is a git repository?

A series of snapshots, or commits

Git stores snapshot not deltas

Comand line vs User interface

Should you use command line?

  • Command line skills are assumed by the industry
  • Command line = automatable
  • Fast and easy

Should you use Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • You do not currently have command line knowledge.
  • Some tasks maybe easies with user interfaces.
    • such as interactive rebates.
  • You will not use git often.