Configuring Git

Configuring Git With comand line

git –version

git [command][–flags] [arguments]

git status git status –short

The system flag means the configuration setting applies to every repository for every user on your computer. The global flag applies to every repository that you, as a specific user, use on your computer. Specifying a local flag or no flag at all applies the setting only to the current repository. The most local setting takes precedence.

git config –global “” git config –global “AhmadKakarr” git remote add origin

git config

To open the config setting in vs code first make sure its in windows system path. git config –global core.editor “code –wait –new-window” git config –edit –global

all the setting are being save .gitconfig directory.

Finding help

git help [command-name]

To find the consise help

git [command] -h

Reading help

git command [][–] […] -f or –flag changes the command behavior | or optional values are sourrounded by [] place holder values <> are used for grouping – Disambiguate the command … multiple occuerences are possible