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H-bridge vs full bridge what is uc3843 ic inverter circuit

Using JLPCB to Order Circuts

this project uses H-bridge Circuit has Adjust the output voltate EGS002 SPWM Driver board 20150901 8 Mosfet Temprature Sensor Low battery protection Overload protection Battery reverse protection with 3 Mosfet 1200W @ 24V Transformer Heatsink 5 Cm * 2 I use IRF3205. u can use any N-Mosfet

Q and A with Homemade 102

How to create those lines that you can place tin to reinforce? How do you do that in Eagle? use layer Tstop Bstop

Have any AC110V 60Hz design? Yes, this inverter can work in 60HZ mode. just change the jump on EGS002.

 Bro, can the relay part be replaced with P-most? is there anything bad about using P-MOS? i think if i use P-MOS more simple than Relay?
  Impossible :D 

When i use battery 12v I need or not to change something and jump on your board remove the buck circuit is ok: D

How much value does the ad thermal sensor use ??? NTC 10K

The 95N03 MOSFETs used for reverse polarity protection are no longer available (out of production).

You will get better heat transfer if you use a small metal bar clamping the body of the output MOSFETs to the heat sink instead of individual screws on the TO220 tabs.

Just a question , correct me if im wrong, the reason why you shielded only two of the mosfet from the group of four mosfet is that the source of the first pair is connected to the drain of the second pair mosfet and the unshielded pair is connected directly to the heatsink which is the connection for the transformer, is it correct? ans: exactly.