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Analogue to Digital Converters are used to sample the continuous voltage signals representing the original signal.

Do the Digital Electronic Systems use voltages to represent the discrete samples of the continuous signal? Digital Systems do not use discrete samples represented as voltage values.

Digital systems are designed to work with two voltage values. A +5 volts represents a logic high state or logic 1 state and 0 volts represents a logic low state or logic 0 state.

Digital Systems are based on the Binary Number system which allows more than two or multiple values to be represented very conveniently. In a Decimal Number System a single digit can represent 10 different values (0 to 9), representing more than 10 values requires a combination of two digits which allows up to 100 values to be represented (0 to 99). A Combination of Binary Numbers is used to represent different quantities.

The number of digits (0s and 1s) that represents a quantity is proportional to the range of values that are to be represented. Thus the number 39 represented in binary as 100111 is stored electronically in as +5 v, 0v, 0v, +5 v, +5 v and +5 v.