Variable Power Supply


12012 Transformer 3 Ampere

5408 Diodes (two) will be used as half bridge recifiers.

100 microfared and 40 volt capacitor (big leg is positivev and small leg is negative) * 2

10k resistance

lm317 voltage regulator and heatsink for voltage regulator

220 or 330 ohom ohom resistance

one 10k potentiometer

dc volt meter ammeter

one on off switch

female audio ports

Power supply from home made create

computer power supply Ac input 230v 50hz 6A DC output +12v -12v aligator clip dc to dc step down module one on off switch two 10k potentiometer digital volt and amp meter fuse holders pvc box banana plug acrylic sheet toggle switches

lcsc for component purchaseing


dc-dc buck boost module


computer power supply 5A at 230volts binding post *6 12 position rotatory switches


100k ohom potentiometers