Differences Between Linux and Windows Containers

Linux Containers

  • They can run on any distribution of docker.

Windows Server Containers

  • Will not run on different version of an OS
  • Bigger than linux containers
  • Contains windows API and .Net Framework
  • Preloaded on Azure VM’s

Hyper-V Containers

  • Based on Hyper-V Virtual Machines
  • Highly Optimized
  • Allow older images to work on newer version of Windows
  • Resource utilization worse than windows server containers

Use Cases for Windows Containers

Build Environments Migrating legacy application Upgrading Windows-native applications Running Supportive infrasturcture

Everything that may require complex setup can be preconfigured as a container.

Docker Distributions for Windows

Docker Toolbox Docker in WSL2 Docker Desktop Docker Engine Enterprise (Docker EE) for Production use.