How to bake a cake

This article shows the different ways to assign vales to the color property.

Things we need

  1. water paper or kakhki cover from book depot
  2. mold/container of cake made of alluminum
  3. brush to greeze the mold
  4. oil
  5. sugar powder

Step 1

cut the water paper size of mold and put in the base of mold. greeze the mold with oil

setp 2

put oil 1.75 cup and powdered sugar 2 cup in the bowl and beat it with hand blender or wisk

after blending good then

step 3 put five eggs and two tea sopoon of vanila esceence in it then beat it with blender for five minutes. eggs should be beated sepeartly in big bowl. bowl 80% capacity should be empty.

Step 4 maida/all purpose floor 2cups and add baking powder four tea spoon then put in the bowl in three parts, on every part you fold/mix the flour don’t ever beat it.

How to bake a cake

first three minutes on medium flame then low the flames for 40 to 45 minutes