Understanding Cloud Computing


Learning Outcomes

  • Setup an AWS Test Account
    • While this isn’t required for the exam, it will prove to be helpful throughout the entire path
  • Understand Traditional Data Centers
    • Know the challenges that exist when working with traditional data centers
  • Understand Cloud Computing
    • You should be able to compare and contrast cloud computing with traditional data centers
    • You should understand the following terms:
      • Elasticity
      • Reliability
      • Agility
    • You should understand the differences between the following cloud computing models:
      • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
      • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
      • Software as a Service (SaaS)
    • Know the different cloud deployment models:
      • Public Cloud
      • Private Cloud
      • Hybrid Cloud

Links You’ll Need

Setting up an AWS Account

[Include note on why this isn’t needed for test] After setting up your account , make sure to follow all of the steps to the end to create a billing alarm. These steps are detailed below:

  1. From the AWS Console, select the dropdown from your user name and then select ​My Billing Dashboard​.
  2. From the left navigation select ​AWS Budgets​.
  3. Select the option to ​Create Budget​.
  4. Make sure ​Cost Budget​ is selected and then select ​Set Your Budget​.
  5. Enter a name and budgeted amount and then select ​Configure Alerts​.
  6. Enter an alert threshold and and your email address and select ​Confirm Budget​.

Traditional Data Centers

Traditional data centers present challenges for organizations:

  1. Large up-front investment

  2. Maintaining data centers is expensive
  3. You own all of the security and compliance burden

Benifits of Cloud Computing

AWS lists six key Advantages of Cloud Computing:

  1. Trade __________________________ expense for __________________ expenses
  2. Benefit from ___________________________________________________
  3. Stop guessing ______________________
  4. Increase speed and ___________________________
  5. Stop spending money maintaining data centers
  6. Go global in _____________________________ “_____________________________ is the ability to acquire resources as you need them and release resources when you no longer need them. In the cloud, you want to do this automatically. ” Well-Architected Framework, Amazon Web Services.

Types of Cloud Computing

Write the definition of Cloud Computing provided by AWS:

Enter the three different cloud computing models discussed in the clip:

Enter the name of each cloud computing deployment model below:

  1. ________________________ Deployed onto a public cloud provider like AWS, Microsoft Azure or the Google Cloud Platform.
  2. _______________________ Deployed in a private data center using a cloud-like platform provided by vendors like VMWare.
  3. _______________________ Deployed with a mix of the previous two options using both a provided like AWS alongside a cloud-like platform in a private data center.

Cloud Computing Scenarios

Scenarios The following scenarios are presented in the course as a way to explore your understanding of the module. Include your answer here in this outline, as well as your notes on the solution to each scenario. SCENARIO 1

  • Roger’s company runs several production workloads in its data center
  • They are using VMWare to manage infrastructure in their data center
  • They want to use AWS and integrate it with their data center for new workloads
  • Which cloud deployment model would his company be following?

What’s Your Answer: _____________________________________________________________:

Why did you pick this answer:

If you didn’t get this one right, what insight did you gain from the explanation:


  • Eliza’s company is trying to decide whether to fund a new line of business
  • Eliza’s team is looking to monetize a new emerging technology
  • This new line of business will require new infrastructure
  • What benefit of cloud computing would be most relevant to her company?

What’s Your Answer: _____________________________________________________________:

Why did you pick this answer:

If you didn’t get this one right, what insight did you gain from the explanation:


  • Jennifer is the CTO at an insurance company
  • They are considering moving to the cloud instead of co-locating servers
  • They want to make sure they have maximum control of the cloud servers
  • Which cloud computing model would they need to leverage?

What’s Your Answer: _____________________________________________________________:

Why did you pick this answer:

If you didn’t get this one right, what insight did you gain from the explanation:


Wrap Up Take a minute to write down any areas from this module that you don’t fully understand or where you still have questions: